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Amy is the Asia Market Manager for her team at Douglas Elliman and speaks Chinese (Mandarin) and English fluently. She has extensive knowledge in the real estate industry and has been involved in the business personally and professionally for the past 16 years since she moved to New York City in 2002. wechat ID: AmyNYC) Visit Amy's profile at:

Amy有丰富的纽约地产投资和管理经验,是纽约最大地产公司Douglas Elliman的亚洲市场负责人。从2002年起,她一直在跟踪纽约的地产趋势和分析最合适的地产投资方法。Amy的服务不止于房地产投资,她还有室内设计师认证,帮助房主设计和翻新房屋,以更高的价格卖出或者出租。Amy和她的团队提供一站式纽约房地产投资和管理服务。随时可以微信联系:amyNYC;

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